1. Palmetto State Armory

The first entry in our Gear and Gun labor day deals is from the always affordable Palmetto State Armory. If you are like me you likely open up PSA emails every day and wonder how exactly do they sell stuff so cheap? Are they a money laundering operation? Economy of scale? Who knows, but we all benefit. Their Labor Day sale has a few different sections.

The Gear and Gun Labor Day Deals of 2018

Some items to watch include the Remington Tac 14 for 269.99, AR pistol kits with everything but the lower for 259.99, and the Kel Tec PMR 30 for 449.99. All have free shipping as well.

PSA is also going balls out with Geissele gear. This includes discounts on triggers, rails, and charging handles. Geissele keeps my mouth watering and I’m getting the itch myself….


Brownells is the e-commerce gun Wal-Mart and another company famed for their Gear and Gun labor day deals. They have thousands of items on sale and are offering up to 53% off certain goods. Brownell’s is offering up to 40% brands like SIG Sauer and Aero Precision.

Timberwolf Aftermarket Glock 19 Frame After 2000 Rounds

My favorite deals so far include Brownells Gen 3 Glock slides with RMR cuts for 179.99, 1,000 rounds of Winchester 9mm NATO for 199.99 with ammo can, and Polymer 80% frames for as low as 119.99.

Brownells is a brand leader is online gun sales and their selection is pretty hard to beat in general. Their Edge membership is also a solid membership if you become a regular customer.

3. ZFI and YRS

ZFI and YRS are both Israeli ran companies with a multinational group of goods for sale. Their gear and gun labor day deals are simple and expansive. Both companies sell body armor, holster, mag pouches, Load Bearing Equipment and more. This includes items I’ve never seen anywhere else like IGB barrels and the famed Cornershot system.

Both websites are offering 25% off their entire inventory for registered users, minus items already on sale. Registration is free and all, so its worth it for the discounts. Guest will still receive 16% off. You need to use LaborDay2018 and the coupon actually goes all week and will expire on September 8th. Items to watch in my opinion are the Roni kits on YRS and the KPOS kits on ZFI. If you want to make your handgun into a rifle or braced pistol platform this is one effective route to go.

4.Wilder Tactical and Premier Body Armor

Wilder Tactical and Premier Body Armor are both friends of the website and we’ve been big fans of theirs. The companies and websites are separate but work hand in hand as partners.

Wilder Tactical makes some of the most modern pouches on the planet. This includes rifle and pistol pouches, a tourniquet pouch, as well as handcuff pouches. They recently moved into belt pad territory and those have been a big hit as well.

Wilder Tactical Magazine Pouches: Stackable, Scaleable, Adjustable

Premier Body Armor makes some of the lightest steel armor out there, as well as a line of plate carriers, soft armor, and more. I’m a big fan of the Falcon carrier, and their soft armor is perfect for discrete carry on a day to day basis.

Both Websites are offering 15% off with the code LABORDAY. These Gear and Gun Labor day deals will

5. AR-15 Lower Receivers

The aptly named AR15lowereceivers.com is a one-stop shop for those looking to build an 80% AR 15 or AR 10. They sell 80% lower receivers both by the receiver and in bulk. They also provide all the additional accessories and parts you’ll need to finish the build. This includes everything from 5.56 and 300 Blackout uppers to 80 percent lower jigs, drill bits, and so much more.

Video: 80 Percent Arms | Easy Jig Gen 2 Tutorial
Forged and Billet lowers

For Labor Day they are offering 10% off their entire inventory. Just use the code Laborday10 at checkout.

The Wild Card – Black Rifle Coffee

When I say Gear and Gun Labor Day Deals most of us don’t think coffee. However, Black Rifle Coffee have carved out their own little niche in the firearms industry. Black Rifle Coffee is bringing quality coffee to the gunslinger. As a veteran owned and operated company, Black Rifle Coffee provides quality coffee with a military theme. The guys at Loadout Room are big fans, my personal favorite being Murdered Out.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Blends

Anyway, they using the code Laborday for 10% off storewide and have a wide variety of sales going on right now.

The Other Gear and Gun Labor Day Deals

If you guys know of any deals out there I’m missing that need to be listed, please comment below! Let us know, I only have so much time to scour the web for good deals and we always appreciate a heads up.