The Mikoyan MiG-29 (which goes by the NATO designator “Fulcrum”) may not have been the best dog fighter around (depending on who you ask), but it was purpose built to stand toe to toe with some of the best fighters the United States still has in its arsenal. When the Mig-29 first entered into service with the Soviet Union in 1982,  it did so with America’s F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-15 Eagle squarely in its sights.

Today, this fourth generation air-superiority fighter remains in use in the Air Forces of Russia, India, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and North Korea — and for the low price of just $4.65 million, it could be a part of your own personal arsenal as well.

“We’ve had a few serious calls,” Albert Heidinger of Raptor Aviation in Port St. Lucie, Florida told The Aviationist about their recent decision to post the fighter for sale on the Raptor Aviation website.

We’re not talking about a run down old bird either, this Mig-29 has seen only 818 total flight hours since it rolled off the assembly line at the Kalyazinsky Machine Building Plant in 1986, and it’s only seen 118 of those hours since a full airframe refurbishment was conducted in Ukraine recently. In many ways, this jet is a steal — not only because it grants the purchaser some pretty significant bragging rights, but also because it’s $4.65 million price tag rings it at substantially lower than most comparably equipped civilian jets.

It’s even got a fancy new paint job.

In fact, it’s even a good deal when compared to other Mig-29s, which could cost you as much as $20 million, if you’re the type of Bond villain that demands Russian air support anyway.

The single-seater boasts a pair of Klimov RD-33 turbofan engines that produce around 18,300 pounds of thrust each when their afterburners are engaged, and their wide placement allows for reduced wing load and, according to Moscow, makes for an extremely maneuverable aircraft. With a range of around 889 miles and an operational ceiling of just less than 60,000 feet, this jet is just what the wayward millionaire in your life needs to scratch that “Top Gun” itch that’s been resurfacing since screen shots of the new movie started finding their way onto the internet. 

Especially thanks to its top speed of Mach 2.4… which means you could use your new Mig to outrun literally everything the U.S. Armed Forces could throw at you, short of the F-15. Not too shabby for a hobby ride.

You can find Raptor Aviation’s Mig-29 listing here.

*Images courtesy of Raptor Aviation

Originally published on Fighter Sweep