The Griff Pack is named after an NCO that was killed in Tal Afar, Iraq in 2005. “Griff” was known as being tough, versatile, professional, and always with a trick up his sleeve – which is where the Grey Ghost Gear backpack draws its design cues. This is a subtle looking bag that doesn’t draw unnecessary attention, but it packs a punch with quality, storage capacity, and durability. I think the Griffin emblem that is sewn into the pack using matching grey (or black) thread is an awesome touch to give the bag some extra character.

Pack dimensions are 19” tall, 12” wide, and 8” deep – holding nearly 30 liters of gear. It is constructed of 500 Cordura and feels incredibly durable. Each compartment has heavy duty zippers, quality stitching, and very comfortable wide straps. The outside of the back panel is made of a breathable and padded mesh material that allows your back to breathe and increase comfort. There are two large main compartments – one in the back, one in the middle. The middle compartment opens in a clamshell style that provides access to a full loop Velcro panel that can secure pouches, or it can simply be utilized for various gear, food, and clothing.

The back compartment has a padded sleeve inside that can store a laptop (17” or smaller), a loop Velcro panel for pouches or a holster with hook Velcro. On each side, there are secret access doors that allow you to reach in and draw a handgun while wearing the backpack on one shoulder. The secret access doors can be left open or closed via a Velcro panel. It also features a smaller zippered compartment for storage of smaller items.

The front of the pack has a small zippered compartment constructed of a soft cloth material to protect items from getting scratched, such as eyewear. On the outside of the pouch, there is a loop Velcro panel for patches or name tags. A larger front pocket has elastic loops for holding firearm magazines or other items as well as a key hook and an additional Velcro loop panel.

My Griff Pack has the following items (among others not listed) that I keep on hand as a larger go-bag option:

Front zippered compartment –

  • Whistle / compass / temperature gauge – combo

Front pocket –

Middle compartment –

  • Solo stove with fire starting materials, 550 cord, two field-stripped military MREs, LifeStraw, extra socks, folding saw, UCO folding USB solar panel charger, and Petzl headlamp, among other items

Back compartment –

  • Laptop and charger (optional), Sig P320 subcompact with extra mags, USMC Ka-Bar knife, among other smaller items

This is considered a medium-sized backpack but in my opinion, it seems to have a much larger capacity than other packs in this size range. I’m not sure if it’s just the appearance or if they somehow managed to make their storage more efficient. Either way, I am able to comfortably fit a ton of gear in there and it is a great bag. For the $148.50 MSRP, this is a great option and it is available in either solid black or grey. This is as good if not better than most other packs I’ve seen in price ranges far higher than the Griff Pack. If you’re in the market for a new bag, check out the Grey Ghost Gear site for this and other backpack options.