If you’re a guns and gear guy who enjoys reading an action-packed fiction thriller that isn’t too far from reality, then you need to read The Terminal List by Jack Carr. I’ve read several fiction thrillers in the past but get halfway through and end up losing interest and shelving the book. Not the case with The Terminal List. I can absolutely put myself into the story as I read it and remain engaged the entire time. Get ready for some sleepless nights, because once you start reading The Terminal List, you won’t want to put it down.

The following list is what I extracted from the book as I progressed through reading it. I’m sure I probably overlooked a few items, but this is the bulk of the gear and guns used by James Reece to exact revenge.

Resco UDT Watch

Reece wore this luxury, highly agile Resco UDT Watch. This timepiece is run by a self-winding mechanical movement and is rooted in Resco’s longstanding tradition of precision manufacturing. It doesn’t need any batteries to function, and it can last during the day and night. The Resco UDT watch has multiple versions, including stainless ones, stealth, or colored ones. The Resco UDT is made for modern adventures and can withstand activities “under the Sea, in the Air, or on Land.” This is also the reason why the price is costly.

Glock 19 Pistol

Glock 19 Pistol
Compact Glock 19 in 9x19mm Parabellum. (Source: Vladimir Dudak/Wikimedia)

For some, the G19 is a perfection when it comes to compact handguns. It’s a polymer-framed, semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm. It’s highly versatile and because of its reduced dimensions, it can serve as your main pistol, a backup weapon, or a concealed one. For Reece, this G19 has definitely helped him in uncertain situations.

Echols Legend Bolt Gun

If the G19 is Reece’s backup, the Echols Legend Bolt Gun is his main choice of weaponry. It’s one of the world’s finest hunting rifles and is known for its craftsmanship. Each Legend Bolt Gun is hand-made “by a master in Utah.”

As they say, when a master makes it, he knows how each nook and cranny can serve the gunner. The meticulous design is sought by clients all over the world. If the Legend’s going to be described in a phrase, it’s the “careful attention to detail and no-stone-unturned” gunmaking masterpiece.

Colt M4A1 Carbine

Colt M4A1 Carbine
M4A1 standard (Source: Jackolmos/Wikimedia)

The Colt M4A1 is a property of the US government. Since Reece was a former Navy Seal, he has access to this (probably illegally at the time he’s exacting his revenge). Nevertheless, the Colt M4A1 is a lightweight mobility weapon with a potent firepower. It has a side sling swivel at the gas block and an ambidextrous safety selector. 

Magpul PMAGs

Magpul PMAGs
30-round AR-15 magazines, Magpul PMAGs. (Source: Tony Webster/Wikimedia)

The Magpul PMAGs are one of the most reliable magazines for AR-15 owners. Its pop-off impact/dust cover allows it to minimize debris intrusion and provides protection during transit. It has impact-resistant polymer and has an anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for easier use.

77 grain 9mm Double Tap Defense Ammunition

Ideal for compact handguns, the 77 grain 9mm Double Tap Defense Ammunition is ideal for Reece’s missions. This allows him to gain higher velocity because of the 9mm’s lighter projectile, with a lesser perceived recoil. Its rated velocity is 1,600 ft/sec from a Glock 17 and 1,435 ft/sec from a Glock 26. The round is loud but pretty seamless to shoot. Additionally, as the Godfather of Boom can attest to, it can penetrate about a foot “after passing through the four-layer FBI fabric protocol.”

77 grain Black Hills 5.56 Ammunition

The 77 grain Black Hills 5.56 ammo has a monolithic machined copper projectile that expands upon impact. This forms into a temporary cavity that exceeds the capability of traditional bullets. It’s also known for its accuracy and penetration. Each bullet is designed with a small meplat to achieve the highest ballistic coefficient possible.

Blackpoint Tactical Mini Wing Holster

This is an inside-the-waistband (IWB) gear that’s highly adjustable and made to mostly fit Kydex, the Sig P365, and the 15 Degree Cant. Its mini-wing is well-constructed, and even after months of use, this gear can still seamlessly protect your handgun without showing any signs of wear—pretty good investment for its $85 average price tag.

Strider SMF Folding Knife

One of the essential framelock folding knives used by the United States Marine Corps, the Strider SMF is manufactured by Strider Knives in California. Its latest version has a Hinderer Lockbar Stabilizer made of a metal disc contained in the titanium lockbar.

Half Face Blades Karambito

Reece used this Karambito in one of the book’s most graphic scenes. It’s an elevated version of the Indonesian “karambit,” a curved-bladed knife used for everyday purposes. The “Bito” is explicitly built in combat and has basic steel models with micarta scales. The curved blade cuts so well when used for attack. The blade can be angled into the flesh if you want to cut deeper. No spoilers on the book or the series, but Reece was satisfied with his revenge when he used the Karambito.

Dynamis Alliance Razorback fixed blade

This is another knife that’s featured in the book. This is designed to be a compact version of the Dynamis blade and has a 3.25″ length with partial serrations on the back. Made by Winkler Knives, this is proudly made in the USA.

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Gatorz Blackout Eyewear

Perfect for military and law enforcement, the Gator Blackout eyewear is fit for heavy hitters like Reece. Aside from the Ultimate swag, it provides 100% UV protection, TruRay Optics and 7075 Aircraft grade aluminum frame construction. This is also proudly made in the USA.

Winkler Sayoc Tomahawk

This is a tactical tomahawk made for “pure combat.” This is used by members of the Naval Special Warfare. It’s 13″ in overall length and is made of 5160 steel. It has a Caswell no glare gun coat as a metal finish and a rubber grip so you can use it on wet or dry scenarios.

Lockpick set

Lockpick Set
Typical lock picking set (picks and spanners) (Source: GeoTrinity/Wikimedia)

This is one of Reece’s basic gears. The lockpick seat consists of four professional grade pics and includes 1 triple peak .025 thick, an standard short hook 0.25 thick, an offset hybrid .025 think, a city rake .025 thick and 6 tension wrenches. Talking about adaptability, Reece used this on multiple occassions.

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This piece has been updated on July 28, 2022.