Bolt action guns don’t get the attention they deserve.  They produce good accuracy at an affordable price and are generally rugged and reliable.  While less aggressive looking than an AR, they are proven technology which can fire full power cartridges that out perform the .223

Chris Baker at Lucky Gunner has a been thinking about bolt action rifles.  Here is a great video about how to select and operate a practical bolt action rifle and where to train with it..

The Mossberg MVP Patrol Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle 7.62 NATO is a moderately priced rifle loaded with features. The coolest thing about this rifle is the patented MVP 7.62 Dual Push bolt design feeds from both standard AR-10 style (LR308/SR25) and M1A/M14 style magazines. The Lightning Bolt Action LBA Adjustable Trigger is user-adjustable from 3 to 7 pounds.