Bet you never thought of this before – but it will definitely make you a better shooter and help you with perfect aim! Champion Shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss shows you this important fundamental shooting tip. Want to know how to shoot a rifle and improve accuracy? Another thing people often overlook when aiming… this is tip #9 in the pro shooting tips series “How to shoot Awesomely”. This video covers the often overlooked importance of cheek placement or proper cheek weld as it relates to precision rifle shooting. Shooting fundamentals often skip this step, or don’t cover it well enough, so we decided to share with you how to aim properly.

This is one aspect of good shooting, but a very important one.

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Extreme Long Range Trick Shot: Perfect Aim But Still Miss?
Rifles: Volquartsen Inferno & M1 Garand 30-06
Scope: Nightforce
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