A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Evangelos Tsagkouros of Krypteia Kniveslocated in Iceland. This company has been quietly making big waves here in the United States with their unique fixed blade knife designs. As a fan of these blades, I suggested to Evangelos, we should work together for a blade review for TheGearLocker.net. After a successful trip to this year’s knife industry Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia a couple of weeks later, Evangelos decided to reach out to Swanson Media Group and take me up on my offer. Naturally, I was eager to get started. Less than a week later, I had a beautiful fighting blade from Krypteia Knives called the Lakedaemon at my door for review.

The Lakedaemon is named for the mythical King of Sparta and son of Zeus and Taygete. This knife has a 10 inch flowing design from end to end featuring a swooping 5.39 inches of inward curving blade perfect for close quarter combat work. Built from 01 Tool Steel, Krypteia Knives starts from bar stock with the intent to make sure this blade will endure anything the user can throw at it without fail if or when a situation goes south. The spine leading down to the comfortable G10 grips offers a good bit of “beef” in the overall full tang design measuring .2 inches across. While the thickness isn’t overly wide, it provides a very supportive frame for a knife this size.

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(featured image courtesy of thegearlocker.net)