So Jack Murphy, Bill Janson and I were talking about our love of all things gear and guns and how we wanted to create a hardcore site that featured our favorite guns and gear. Only the best stuff; what the hell would we call it we asked ourselves. Then Jack nudged us with the concept name and it’s what ultimately turned into “The Loadout Room”. Read the full story.

Hellfire Bonus Footage


Basic Loadout Described…..

First Line Gear: All things clothing and close to your person.
Second Line Gear: Guns, ammo and H-Gear (enough said).
Third Line: What’s on your back and keeping you sustained in the field (your pack and all its contents).

So welcome to The Loadout Room.  Pull up an ammo can, pop open a cold beverage and join us for great conversation about your favorite gear.

Bill, Brandon and Jack.


Photo credit: Andrew Moore