The Maxim Defense CQB Stock is a strong, comfortable, durable and compact stock that is made for real-world use.  The Maxim CQB Stock weighs in at just 18.59 oz and has a housing made of 7075 Aluminum Alloy where they’ve smartly placed QD mounts.  When closed, the stock measures just 5.375″ and extends out to a full 10″, the same as a extended carbine stock..  It has two additional positions at 6.875″ and 8.375″.


You can set-up the stock with a myriad of buffer options to fit your rifle and tune it in.  The stock is available in black and FDE.

The Maxim Defense CQB Stock isn’t built to be a safe queen, it’s made for real-world use.  With the 4 available extension positions, you can dial in the stock for your body and function.

Installation was easier than expected.  Just be sure to not launch your detent and spring for the rear take-down pin when you disassemble!

Once together, I was amazed by the compact size of this unit and the comfort of the adjustment points.  I’m a tall fella at 6’6″ with gorilla arms and the Maxim Defense CQB Stock still adjusted out to fit me.

At the range, I had mentally prepared myself for failures on my short barrel suppressed work rifle using the generic buffer and spring and assumed I would have to contact Maxim for different variations of their product to dial it in.  I was pleasantly surprised with it, not a single failure after about 200 rounds through it.  Obviously it’s going to need some more put down range to put me at ease but I’m on the range next week for rifle training so we’ll push it then.  The hex patterned and textured butt plate kept the stock welded in place while ringing my CTS Steel plates.

Overall opinion of this piece of equipment is that it is strong, quality craftsmanship that makes my rifle a better trunk monkey.  I’m able to stow it in more compact spaces, deploy in the confines of the front seat of a patrol vehicle without smacking a windshield, and manipulate the rifle in the close quarter confines of the trashiest trailer house.  Coupled with the Spikes Tactical Compressor upper, I’ll hopefully still be able to hear if I ever have to use it in the field without my hearing protection on.

Speaking of hearing protection – if you’re in a position to affect change within your agency, work towards getting suppressors on all department rifles.  One incident in a confined space with the patrol rifle and you’re looking at a high likelihood of permanent hearing loss.

MSRP for the Maxim Defense CQB Stock is $395.00. Maxim Defense Industries offers a 30-day return policy.

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