Two things stood out to me when I first saw the new Kershaw Boilermaker folding knife. The modified drop point blade, the finish of the knife and how sterile it was. The first two are obvious, but you may be wondering what I mean by sterile. What I mean is the lack of markings and branding. Aside from saying Kershaw on the pocket clip and some very small markings on one side of the blade, there is nothing else interfering with the aesthetics of the knife.

Overall this has got to by one of my favorites by Kershaw and will surely enter the rotation of knives I use for EDC. Check out the following video for a closer look.

Boilermakers are known for their skill at metalwork. So Kershaw and Les George took inspiration from their craftsmanship to build the new Boilermaker. This all-stainless-steel folder is designed to perform well in the hands of any tradesman—and anyone else who wants a distinctive, yet practical, pocketknife. – Kershaw