Blauer has hit it out of the park with the next generation of cool-weather patrol pants, the FlexHeat Detail Pants. Skip the old-school pants that don’t move with you and leave you cold.  Switch to Blauer’s FlexHeat Detail Pants and discover comfort and warmth you didn’t know was possible.

Best Uniform Pants I’ve Ever Had

Working in the Pacific Northwest can bring a bit of variety to the weather.  Over the last 25+ years I’ve become quite fond of my patrol uniform, a custom jumpsuit that is popular in our state.

Sometimes the jumpsuit doesn’t fit the detail and sometimes departments don’t permit the use of them unless the weather is inclement by a desk jockey’s standards.

For those of us that need an option to traditional miserable uniform pants, consider trying out the new FlexHeat Detail Pants from Blauer.  These pants are the cat’s meow.


The FlexHeat Detail Pants move with you!  The FlexHeat fabric offers 4-way stretch with a water-repellent finish and a warm bonded-fleece lining.  The comfort level of these pants is best described as wearing stretchy fleece lined pajamas.

The waistband is comfortable with a self-adjusting TunnelFlex waistband.

The Next Generation of Patrol Wear has Arrived: Blauer FlexHeat Detail Pants


It has hidden cargo pockets that blend in and articulated knees.  The quick-access L pockets are reinforced with a knife slot. The cargo-type pockets are sealed with a zipper that lays flat and is hidden.  Inside you’ll find perfect spots for a cellphone, pen, handcuff key, or whatever other toys you’ve decided you need.

The fabric selection is spot-on.  The fabric repels liquids and is windproof.  The windproof design blocks all wind permeation to prevent convective heat loss yet is naturally porous for increased air flow and body vapor release.


I was initially worried that I would be too warm in the pants.  I found that the light protection from the cold was “just enough” and I could easily increase the heat by layering.  The pants were a loose enough of a fit to allow for all day comfort while accommodating the layering.

I was quite pleased to find pockets that worked on the FlexHeat Pants.  I even found the pocket on the right leg to be a perfect fit for my tourniquet.

The Next Generation of Patrol Wear has Arrived: Blauer FlexHeat Detail Pants


I’ve had a similar pair of pants custom-made out of similar materials before.  They were great but cost me about two and a half times as much and didn’t fit as good as these!

MSRP is $109.99 and worth every penny.  If you need traditional looking uniform pants but want to move up to this decade, get yourself a pair or two of the FlexHeat Detail Pants.  You’ll love them.

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