It’s kind of like a story from a children’s book.  The story of Goldilocks and the Nomad 9

The Nomad 9, a Glock 19 Gen4 compatible frame, has been created to make everything “just right” about the G19 frame.  They have fixed what most of us thought was wrong with the Glock frame.

The Nomad 9 Has Arrived

Nomad Defense has added and taken away where it was needed.  They have incorporated a forward thumb ledge for better control and reference.  They’ve enlarged the trigger guard and added an aggressive and versatile grip texture.  They’ve made a more accessible magazine release and slide stop lever, and an interchangeable back-strap.  They have re-imagined Glock perfection.

Think of the Nomad 9 as an AR lower that you Build the way You Want

Imagine a Glock 19 lower having everything you wanted to have customized, right out of the box.

Like a high-quality AR lower that you buy to build, Nomad Defense Companies Nomad 9 Frame, offers you an above par start to your build.

You can put your already owned components and slide onto the Nomad 9 frame.  You can also build that custom pistol you’ve always dreamed of with all custom parts.

Quit Drooling at the Photos on Instagram and Get Your Own

The guys at Nomad Defense have partnered with Rainier Arms for distribution.  You can order a Nomad 9 pistol lower today here and pay only $200.  The frame is serialized and like that AR lower you’ll need to have it sent to your FFL dealer.

If you aren’t sure what the Nomad 9 is or want to check it out a little more, view our 1st article on it here.

Now I just need the guys at Nomad Defense to get one of these lowers back in my hands for some building, testing, and holster fitting!

What you like to see done for a Nomad 9 frame build?  What parts would you put in it and on it?  Let me know and I’ll try to make it happen!