The Orion Road Flare. Growing up my dad always had a pack of road flares in the back of the van. Seldom were they used unless we were on the side of the road broken down or stopping to help someone else who was broken down. That’s all I ever really thought they were good for. Turns out that road flares have more uses than just as an emergency road marker. The following video shows how the common road flare can be used to start a fire, extinguished to conserve the remaining flare and then re-ignited again. Pretty cool stuff. Road flares can also be used to signal overhead aircraft for rescue due to the extremely bright flame. This is a great tip to remember and keep in the back of your pocket in case you ever find yourself in a survival situation. It comes down to thinking outside the box and taking advantage of common items around you. Be sure to pick up a few Orion Road Flares next time you’re at your local hardware store to keep in your vehicle emergency/survival kit.

(featured image courtesy of Orion Safety Products)