When it comes to my water bottles I try to keep those as simple as possible. Yeah I know, how complex can a water bottle be, right? Well if I’m going on a longer full day hike into the woods I try to have some type of water purification system on me. In the military I learned a trick, which was to duct tape water purification tabs to the side of my canteen; I still do that to this day with my Nalgene water bottles. I’ve also tried water bottles with filters build in, but I don’t really like those. I’ve used the Bear Grylls canteen for a few years now and honestly really like it. I have water purification tabs duct taped to the outside of the canteen and in the pocket of the canteen pouch I keep salt caps for re-hydration purposes if I’m sweating a lot.

The PACElid fits your standard Nalgene, Klean Kanteen, and HydroFlask water bottles. What is unique about this lid is that it provides storage for those small essential items. PACE stands for (Primary, Alternate, Contingent, and Emergency). For those of you military guys that will sound very familiar. In the Marine Corps they constantly drilled into us being prepared and having multiple contingency plans. The theory behind the PACE lid is to have a place to keep those needed items in the event something unexpected happens and you need to deviate from the original plan.

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