A long time ago I purchased my first Stealth Operator holster. It was a kydex holster that could accommodate over 150 different holsters securely. I was curious, and I consider most universal holsters to be absolute garbage. However, the holster was quite affordable. This was 4 years ago and to this day that same Phalanx Defense Stealth Operator holster still works like an absolute champ. It accommodates a wide variety of guns, including big name guns like Glock, S&W, and even Walther and CZ. It accommodates mostly double stack, polymer frame guns.

That being said it has no problems with my Walther PPS, which is a single stack 9mm. They’ve updated the construction of the Stealth Operator to last even longer, and they’ve utilized redesigned belt loops and more modern screws. Additionally, they’ve created a special edition model that is Hydro dipped in the colors of Old Glory. This is the compact model and it does leave the barrel and slide of most guns exposed but fits nearly any modern gun. For a complete list of guns that are compatible with the system check out their new website here.

The Stealth Operator Improved

The kind folks at Phalanx Defense sent me one of the new Stealth Operator compact models, hydro dipped in Old Glory. Comparing it to my older model I see a few differences. Instead of screws, the two halves of the holster are bolted together. The belt loops are slightly curved more than the older models and this allows for a more form-fitting design.

This pulls the gun in closer to the body. This holster arrived at the right time as I did need a new holster for a Polymer 80 Glock I finished some time ago. Most Glock holsters won’t accommodate it, but the Stealth Operator does so with ease. This is the full-sized model and the holster makes it easy to secure.

It holds the gun close to my body and makes it nearly invisible under nothing more than a T-shirt. It prints just a hair, but it still an impressive amount of concealment for such a big gun.

Because it holds the gun tight to the body you will feed some abrasion from the grip on the gun as it rubs throughout the day. That’s just part and parcel of concealed carry though. The holster itself is sized for 1.5-inch belts and fits nice and tight on those belts. I’ve used it in combination with my Propper Carbon Carry belt and they’ve been a great combo

Hows the Retention?

Retention is going to be a concern when you try to design a holster to accommodate a wide variety of guns. However, the design of the Stealth Operator uses a rather simple but elegant solution. This is a bulge on both sides of the holster that creates a friction point. This clips in over the trigger guard with a nice and loud ‘click’. It secures the weapon well and for concealed carry it works well.

You can hang the gun upside down and it’s not going anywhere, but when it comes time to draw the gun its a smooth move. I’ve only had and used this specific holster for a couple of weeks now, but durability wise I trust it. My previous model has lasted me a good four years without any issues. Retention has always been tight, even with the old school screw design.


What I originally loved about the Stealth Operator is that it accommodates guns that can be tough to find a holster for. Newer designs or those not well known don’t always have the best holster market. The Stealth Operator is often an excellent go to if your gun isn’t the most common on the block.

I will say at the time the Stealth Operator will fit most popular pistols, especially if they are polymer frame double stack guns. This is an affordable and well-made holster assembled in the Great State of Florida. I’ve been a fan, and continue to be a fan. If you need an affordable and reliable holster designed for daily carry this is a great choice. If you have a multitude of guns and don’t want to break the bank buying holsters this may be the ultimate solution for you.