The Pistol caliber carbine market seems to be growing yearly with more options on the market than ever before. PCCs is a broad term and covers both rifles like the Ruger PCC and pistols like the Scorpion and they’ve never been more popular than now. The market for quality tactical kit to accommodate PCCs is quite small, but Beez Combat Systems is forcing it to grow. Their PCC Chest Rig is a modern and well-made piece of gear for those who love the PCC.

Are you Down With PCC?

Pistol caliber carbines and what are essentially SMG lites utilize long, but thin magazines and they need magazine carriers designed for them. Most pistol pouches are way too small to hold long boi magazines, and these guns need dedicated magazine pouches. The Beez Combat Systems PCC Chest Rig gives you for dedicated pouches that are designed to function with 30/32 round magazines.

The Pistol Caliber Carbine chest rig By Beez Combat Systems

According to Beez these pouches are compatible with Glock 9mm 33rd Magazine, M&P 9mm 33rd Magazine (ProMag), Beretta 9mm 32rd Magazine, Ruger 9mm 32rd Magazine, Springfield 9mm 32rd Magazine, CZ Scorpion 30rd mags, PGS hybrid CZ Scorpion mags, MP5, Sten, SIG MPX 9MM 30RD, KRISS Mags .45, 10mm and 9mm.

I can say from experience they fit CZ Scorpion magazines, Glock extended, and Colt SMG magazines. This is great because I own guns that take Glock mags, Scorpion mags, and my next 80 lower receiver build will be a Colt SMG. The PCC Rig comes with removable flaps, and the model I’m running is the “Grid” models. This is a laser cut Grid that accommodates any MOLLE/Pals webbing pouches and accessories. This laser cut webbing is very low profile and easy to use. Behind the pouches, you have a full-length kangaroo pouch.

The Pistol Caliber Carbine chest rig By Beez Combat Systems

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The strap design is brilliant. Over the shoulder is 2 inches of webbing to add accessories and to support the weight of 4 fully loaded magazines. The straps are all fully adjustable and form an H harness for greater support and comfort. You also have a waist strap around the back of the kit that adjustable and quick and easy to remove.

The PCC Chest rig in Use.

The first thing I did with the PCC Chest rig was getting it adjusted to fit my body type. I’m a big dude, 6 feet and four inches and 280 pounds. it took all of five minutes to get the rig right for me. Once adjusted properly I donned it and grabbed my Scorpion rifle and 5 mags.

I wanted to practice doing some reload drills dry and slow. I wanted to learn the kit before going live. This is important because this is the test of fit and function, and ensures a live fire session is as safe as it can be. I ran dry fire drills with both the flaps and without the flaps. This dry fire practice made me tighten a few things down and served its purpose well.

I also wanted to see how the rig handled under heavier, non-static use. I decided hell, let’s wear it and workout. I wanted to see how well the adjustments held and how well the kit functioned with some movement and stress put on it.

The Pistol Caliber Carbine chest rig By Beez Combat Systems

With 4 mags in place, I ran some sprints, flipped tires, did box jumps and a kettlebell workout. Excuse the pics as it was later in the evening when I worked out. The magazines staid in place without issue.

The Pistol Caliber Carbine chest rig By Beez Combat Systems

The rig conformed and moved with my body and did cause chafing or pain in any way. It remained comfortable throughout the wide variety of movements and situations I put myself in.

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Range Time Pain Time

Finally, it was time to hit the range. I took a few hundred 9mm rounds and plenty of mags and worked a lot of reload drills. Holy hell did I need the practice! It was rough at first and I was clumsy when trying to go fast.

The Pistol Caliber Carbine chest rig By Beez Combat Systems

The kit does place the magazines in a way where I can easily reach all four at any time. The placement right under the chest ensures both left and right-handed users will no issues reaching the magazines. The PCC Chest rig does eat my CZ magazines and leaves very little uncovered. This ensures they are retained, but makes me wish I had a Ranger plate on my Scorpion magazine. If they were cut just an inch lower I feel they’d be easier to retrieve.

The Pistol Caliber Carbine chest rig By Beez Combat Systems

I tested the kit with both flaps and without. The flaps add maybe a quarter of a second. They are wide, long, and easy to grab and defeat. Admittedly I prefer a flaps off approach. This is just quicker and more intuitive to me.

The Pistol Caliber Carbine chest rig By Beez Combat Systems

Reloading from the kit is quick and it does hold the mags in place very well even when the flaps are not in place. The Beez Combat Systems PCC Chest rig is comfortable and easy to adjust, as well as remove and don.

Final Thoughts

The PCC Chest Rig and its Grid Systems allow for a ton of customization and you can add pouches and kit to your heart’s content. I like to run it decently slick because the overall design makes it very low profile. It’s easy to hide under a jacket and conceals very well. You can keep a low profile if you are in the profession of arms.

The Pistol Caliber Carbine chest rig By Beez Combat Systems

This blends in the compact firepower an SMG offers. Organizations like the DEA and Secret Service do prefer a low profile approach in many of their tasks. The Army just approved the B&T mini-sub gun for low profile VIP protection duties kits like this certainly have their place.

The Pistol Caliber Carbine chest rig By Beez Combat Systems

Make no mistake, the Beez Combat Systems PCC Chest Rig is a professional piece of gear.