Recently I had been thinking about getting a slingshot. I wanted something quiet I could hit a bird, or small game with. I thought it would be fun to take shots at small game while sitting in a blind, without disturbing the big game I was hunting. Not surprisingly, a lot of childhood memories started to roll in. I was pretty good with the slingshot I had as a kid (that’s how I remember it anyway). After doing some searching I came across a product called The Pocket Shot.

The Pocket Shot is a new type of slingshot. The biggest change is the shape. Instead of a stick, you have a ring base constructed of fiber reinforced composite. You hold this ring in your non-shooting hand (the hand that isn’t pulling back). Instead of surgical-type tubing attached to a small piece of leather, The Pocket Shot uses what they call a pouch. As you can tell, this is extremely hard to describe, so take a look at the picture below.

The Pocket Shot
The Pocket Shot (image courtesy of

The size is what stood out to me first. This would be perfect for any hunter, survivalist, or a must have for a go bag. SHTF? This would allow you to hunt quietly, and save your ammo for a more threatening situation. Not sold yet? They also have a whisker biscuit attachment which allows you to shoot an arrow (they are also developing an arrow pouch). This would allow you to shoot 5/16, 1/4 steel slingshot ammo, and actual arrows. This product is also made in America.

For $25 I plan on giving this a try. It is small enough to fit in a cargo pocket, or EDC pack. It also doubles as a storage container for your ammo (obviously not the arrows). With faster reloads than a standard slingshot, and a 350 fps capability I am not sure I can go wrong here. Here is one more video. Enjoy.

Want more information about The Pocket Shot? Visit their webpage here.

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