Driving a truck has a unique set of challenges, one of which is where to stash your gear while you are out and about. I was recently blessed with a new Ram 2500 and the storage bins under the floor mats aren’t very big and the rear seats flip-up to reveal an area where I can store items but it is still very minimal. What’s even worse is that if you are like me and usually have three car seats for your fire team in the back then everything under your seat cannot be quickly accessed. That’s ok for things like my tool kit, rope/harness, tie downs, and breach kit, but what about the more urgently needed items like the medical kit? The Drive-By Kit solves this issue in a very convenient manner.

Designed for those who conduct business out of their vehicles, the Drive-By Kit is a pouch that has a three-sided zipper that allows it to open fully. On the inside one portion is lined with elastic keepers in staggered sizes so that it will accommodate everything you could wish to place there, the opposite part has a range of pockets that are perfect for needle decomps, Kill cards, or chest seals.

The RE Factor Tactical Drive By Kit

Now the way that RE Factor Tactical solved the problem of quick access is by developing a mounting piece for the bag that secures both vertically and horizontally to the front or the back of a headrest. The Velcro straps are very strong and make for a very easy mounting and adjusting process. On the opposite side, where the pouch mounts to the base, there are several rows of molle that allow for attachment of the pouch by way of a red quick detach pull strap that runs through the molle sections. One quick pull and the pouch comes off and is ready for use.

The RE Factor Tactical Drive By Kit

On the outer portion of the Drive-By Kit are two pouches designed to fit an M4 magazine and even has a bungee retention strap on each. I don’t personally carry an AR in my truck so I utilized that space for a TQ and a pressure dressing. The kit has molle on both sides and allows for mounting with the mag pouches towards the front or the back as well as a small clip on one side you could attach keys or anything with a lanyard too.

When you have kids they tend to need to bring more things along in the truck than you do, but that doesn’t mean that you can negate your necessities simply because there isn’t any room for them, especially important ones like medical kits. All you need to do is find a better way. The drive-by kit answers the call whether you are a parent with little space or someone who runs PSD out of a vehicle. My one complaint with this product is the molle mounting system, I would have preferred it to be a field of Velcro vs molle so that you could quickly rip it off and stick it to an area on your plate carrier that has Velcro as well. Also for ease of remounting quickly.

Author – Wes Nanny