If there is one word I hate to hear more than any other it’s “proprietary,” at least when it comes to guns. Proprietary rails, magazines, etc are typically a real pain in the ass. Especially when an industry standard already exists. If you make a 5.56 semi-automatic, magazine fed rifle and it doesn’t use the standard STANAG AR magazines it’s gonna fail. I enjoyed the SIG P365, but it suffers from a proprietary rail system. This means you can only attach a small number of accessories to the device. This means spending more money. So what is the solution? The Recover Over Rail.

The Recover Over Rail: To hell with proprietary

What is it?

Recover Tactical is most well known for their 1911 and Beretta 92 grips that add a rail to your firearm by simply replacing the grips. They make a number of unique and interesting products, from the Rails to the Magazine clips. I’ve been fairly impressed by their designs, and the never Recover Over Rail solves one of the problems with the SIG P365. This is a bolt-on-rail system that converts the proprietary rail into a standard Picatinny rail.

The Recover Over Rail: To hell with proprietary

They make them for a number of guns. This includes Gen 1 and 2 Glocks, the Smith and Wesson Shield, and even the G26. As a side note, the G26 should already have a rail, even the Polymer 80 subcompact models have rails. Let’s get off my tangent and go back to the review.

The Recover Over Rail: To hell with proprietary

The Recover Over Rail slides over the P365’s rail and gives you instant pic rail. You can now attach lights and lasers of any knife to your gun. From mini lasers for concealed carry to lights for home defense situations. The Recover Over Rail attaches in about two minutes and is rock solid once mounted. It won’t slide or fall off. It doesn’t alter your weapon permanently and is remarkably affordable.

Why Would you Need the Recover Over Rail?

To me, this is perfect for attaching lights to your SIG p365, especially small lights like the TLR 3 or TLR 8 series. In general small guns, like the SIG P365, don’t necessarily need a light, they are designed to be compact. I get that, and wouldn’t carry mine with a light. It’s a bit bulky for a little gun.

The Recover Over Rail: To hell with proprietary

However, not everyone can afford an arsenal of firearms. The SIG p365 is a great concealed carry gun and with a capacity of up to 12 rounds, it’s also a solid choice for home defense. Home defense guns need a white light, and the addition of a Picatinny rail makes it easy to add an affordable light.

Of course some folk like lasers too and there are plenty of compact options that won’t make carrying your SIG too hard.

In Action

As I said before the Recover Over Rail is rock solid. I know that because I hit the hit the range with it and fired round after round. The dust cover of a gun isn’t exactly a high-pressure area and the screw never loosened. Five magazines of ammo did absolutely nothing when it came to loosening this screw.

The Recover Over Rail adds almost zero bulk to the gun and does give you three rail sections of standard Picatinny rail. The downside is of course holsters. Some won’t fit the added rail. Most won’t fit the gun with an accessory. A Clipdraw style holster would work, but Clipdraw doesn’t make one for the P365 at this time.

The Recover Over Rail: To hell with proprietary

In the past Recover Tactical has gone on to build their own holsters to accommodate their Rail Grip equipped guns. It’d be nice to see Recover Tactical do the same for the Recover Over Rail and an added light or laser. Their holster design allows users to attach any kind of light and laser.

Overall, this is an affordable system that takes proprietary and turns it on its head. It’s not for everyone or every situation. It will allow you to easily attach your favorite light or laser to a weapon where you couldn’t traditionally do so. The Recover Over Rail is cheap, effective, easy to install and available now.