Who doesn’t love some good old fashion gun customization? Painting guns is one of the easiest ways to add some character to your gun. While most of us use a rattle can to apply camouflage patterns, or even better, Hello Kitty patterns AT armor went a different way. They’ve recently introduced their immensely affordable Rhodesian Camo Paint kit. I know two things about AT Armor, they hate communists and spray paint, and their first camo kit is a reflection of both of those.

The Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit by AT Armor

The Rhodesian Camo paint kit is an oil-based paint kit consisting of two 2 ounce bottles of paint, Rhodesian dark green and baby poop green and a 1-ounce container of flat. You also get the best instructions I’ve ever read.

If you’re a fan of anti-communist forces and FN FALs you’ve likely seen the Rhodesian baby poop green camoed FALs. This famous camo pattern isn’t exactly pretty but it became part of FN FAL history and the FAL is a beloved gun. Over the years the camo pattern became a meme itself in gun culture and occupies a beloved, if not esoteric place. Rhodesian forces

The Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit in Use

I knew from the moment I saw the kit online I had the perfect gun for it. I purchased a Remington 870 for 130 bucks from a going out of business pawn shop. It has some mismatched Magpul furniture on it and was looking for a way to shake up a boring old shotgun. The Rhodesian Camo paint seemed perfect.

The Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit by AT Armor

Step 1 was degreasing the gun with Birchwood Casey Cleaner and degreaser. I let it sit and dry before starting on the first side. You start by applying the dark green color first. I did a striped style pattern down the gun with nothing more than the paint a 1.5-inch brush and a paper plate to pour the paint in.

After applying the first coat and set of stripes I let the gun sit 24 hours to dry. The paint smells quite strongly so if at all possible leave it outside. I propped it on my porch, but I also live in the middle of nowhere. I took it inside at night of course.

The Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit by AT Armor

The next step was applying the baby poop green. It’s supposed to just barely overlap with the dark green. I saw that using a brushing really does give it that beat up, jungle camo look. It’s smooth and perfect. It’s the imperfection that drives the beauty. Look at any Rhodie FAL and you’ll see something far from perfection in terms of symmetry and design.

Or maybe I’m just a bad painter.

More then Enough

The kit comes with more than enough paint for a Remington 870 and it’s 18.5 barrel and magazine extension. I have enough to do another smaller gun, but I’m probably going to stick with doing a few magazines for fun. The flat is way more than enough.

The Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit by AT Armor

In terms of tips for painting, I don’t have many. I laid blue tape down for the first side, but then fell in love with the rough freehand look so I just freehanded the rest. It was really very simple to do and very easy. The Rhodesian Camo kit is easy to use and does give you a unique and historical way to add some character to your guns, knives, and more. You can check AT Armor out here.

The Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit by AT Armor

I’m hoping AT Armor introduces more paint patterns in the future and I think they have a great idea and easy way to make painting guns gun and accessible to the less creative folks in our circles.