The Roni kits have been around for a very long time, and they’ve become quite popular. The Stab variant is the stabilizer model that includes a pistol stabilizing brace. This, of course, prevents you from turning your Glock into an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle). The traditional Roni models are made in Israel and in Israel they don’t have special classifications for SBRs. This allows them to have actual stocks, but in the USA things are a little trickier. The Micro Roni Stab model is designed to allow the use of the Roni platform without having to get a tax stamp.

The Roni supports standard medium frame, full-sized and compact Glocks gen 3 through 5 with a few exceptions. This includes models with the reputed Fish gill design, as well as compensated models. Sadly they will not work with 80 lower receiver Glocks. Keep that in mind when purchasing. Large frame Glocks like the 10mm and 45 ACP will not work. The Micro Roni X Stab Gen 4 model has a side folding, low profile brace, a full-length scope rail, and side mounted Picatinny rails. Additionally, you can mount a spare mag holder to the front, but this will make your gun an AOW, so be cautious.

The newest generation of the Micro Roni Stab has a captive charging handle that cannot be removed. The Roni also has a triangular shaped barrel shroud that allows you to mount a compensator or the PMD window breaking CQB tool. The brace is now longer and easier to utilize. The ejection port is now larger to ensure proper ejection. You can also now access the pistol’s slide stop to make it easier to send the slide forward or lock it to the rear.

Roni Range Time

Tossing your Glock into the Micro Roni X Stab is quick and easy. It takes no time or any crazy tools. You’ll have to adjust the compensator to fit either full sized guns or compact guns and that’s it. The Roni X Stab Gen 4 turns your basic handgun into a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) in about 10 seconds.

What does the Roni offer you?

First, it makes for a much more stable platform for long range shooting. You’ll be quicker and faster on target and more capable of making effective first shots. The extra space you have to grip the Micro Roni allows you to control it with greater ease. You can fire faster with less recoil and less muzzle rise. As far as effective range goes you can back off to 50 yards and make headshots with relative ease. With a standard Glock 17 I can hit a man-sized target at 50 yards, but making headshots isn’t in my wheelhouse.

Running reloads is easier as well. You have more control over the gun, and more than likely you are running extended magazines with the Micro Roni, so this makes reloads even faster. The Micro Roni X Stab’s charging handle is also placed to make it easier to release the slide and get the gun into action. There is also a hinged safety device that blocks the trigger. This is important because you can’t holster this gun and you need something between you and the trigger. Not only for your finger but to avoid the trigger getting caught on any foreign object.

The extra rail space ensures there is plenty of room to accessories, including optics. I attached a full sized, 30mm red dot sight to the Micro Roni. This gives me faster engagement speeds and a wider field of view. Additionally, the size mounted rails allow for the easy addition of flashlights. I tossed on a TLR 7 just for fun. It fits with ease and casts a quick clear beam.

What About Reliability?

This is the biggest question when it comes to these kits. Are they reliable? Do they ensure your Glock is still reliable? If installed correctly there are no issues in the reliability department. Well, at least as far as I’ve seen. I’ve run into zero issues with the Glock and Micro Roni combination in place. Installing the gun correctly is easy to do, and there is no real tricks to it. Just don’t be an idiot.

Why The Roni?

Why would you choose a Micro Roni Kit? Well, there are some benefits to these kits beyond a standard Glock and even beyond a dedicated PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine). The first is ammo and magazine compatibility. Next, your training with the Glock’s ergonomics translates over into your use with it and Micro Roni kit. The Glock is also a very customizable weapon and you can keep the upgrades you’ve made to your Glock when you place it inside a Roni kit.

Glock Aftermarket Trigger In Place

Overall the newest generation of the Roni kit is absolutely fantastic. It’s made a few welcome changes and increased in efficiency and reliability. The Roni X Stab Kit is an excellent non NFA method to turn your Glock pistol into a PDW. YRS Inc is the exclusive dealer for Roni kits in the United States, and provide the only official Roni kits on the market. Check them out here. They also have a wide variety of gear to upgrade your Roni kit. If you want your own Micro Roni X Stabilizer Generation 4, click the Hyperlink.

According to the President of CAA, they are the only authorized dealer of the Roni kits. There are a number of fakes floating around and it’s wise to buy the authorized models when dealing with guns.