Last weeks top two each won $100 and are closer than ever to the Grand Prize of the SIG P320. Best of luck to everyone with this final shooting challenge.

This weeks challenge moves way from the pistol and over to the rifle/carbine platform. Shooters can use any type of semi-automatic weapon (AK, AR, Mini 14 etc.), but are encouraged to use something they are familiar with, magazine fed, and can shoot in a variety of body positions.

*Iron sights, red dot, illuminated reticles, or magnified optics up to 3x may be used. 

The shooter will have either one steel or five cardboard silhouette (IDPA or E-Type are acceptable) targets. One or all targets will be placed at 100 yards. From the low ready and at the signal the shooter will engage the target(s) with the following sequence and three magazines (2 x 20 rounds and 1 x 10 rounds).

  1. 10 rounds from the standing position
  2. 10 rounds from the squatting position
  4. 10 rounds from the kneeling position
  6. 10 rounds from the sitting position
  7. 10 rounds form the prone position

*All of these positions are unsupported

Time stops after the last round has been fired. The goal is to obtain hits anywhere on the target with the fastest time. All misses will accrue a 5 SECOND penalty added to the final time. Best of luck and may the fastest time win.

How to compete, record your results, and win cash and the Grand Prize SIG 320:

  1. Sign-up for CompeteNow (100% free). If you’ve already signed up and competed, thank you and best of luck.
  2. Once signed up, join the Loadout Room’s Group. – You will see the first, second and this weeks challenges. Follow the directions above.
  3. Go out and shoot.
  4. Prove it! – Post a video to Loadout Room TV. We’re not worried if you had your buddy video you with their Iphone or you used professional equipment, just show us the goods and how fast you really are.
  5. One we’ve approved your video and made it live on the site, post your results on with the link to the video.
  6. Share your submission on CompeteNow to Facebook!
  7. Submission for week one will end at 11:59 EST on November 24th 2015.

*If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments below. This is our first competition of this type and there will surly be some wrinkles to iron out. We look forward to see some very fast times. Stay tuned for announcement of this weeks and the grand prize winner.