A Red, Green, Blue, and White Light

Princeton Tec of New Jersey has been making lighting solutions since 1975.  This year at SHOT Show 2019 they are debuting a new RGB SNAP lighting system.

Talking with Katie of Princeton Tec made it obvious that she and the employees of Princeton Tec understand and use the products that they proudly design, engineer, and manufacture here in the U.S.A.


The existing SNAP lighting system, available in white light only, is a 200 lumen light that starts at $42.99.

The new RGB (red blue green) and white SNAP is due to be available in June and starts at $52.99.

New Colors and More Lumens

The RGB SNAP will be black on black and 300 lumens.   They will also be making it in a multi-cam.

The SNAP: A modular light system from Princeton Tec

A Modular System

The SNAP is a modular light system is a head unit that has a light with a magnet.  When you buy the headlamp it comes with additional mounts that allows you to adapt the light to your situation.

The SNAP: A modular light system from Princeton Tec

The additional mounts allow you to mount it to a two-way carabiner, a bicycle mount or similarly sized pole like the ladder of a roof tent or awning, and any magnetic surface.

The SNAP: A modular light system from Princeton Tec

Simple to Use, Simple to Program

The SNAP is simple to use: a large, easy to find button on the head unit turns the versatile spot beam on, dims it and switches over to flash mode.

The SNAP: A modular light system from Princeton Tec

You can program what light color comes on first and can change the intensity of the brightness with an easy touch button.  The light lets you know when it has reached it’s lowest and brightest settings with a blink of light.  If you double tap the adjustment button it goes into a flashing light mode.

Princeton Tec has many other wonderful lighting solutions ranging from tactical to camping. Head over to their website and check them out if you need a lighting solution.

POWER – 200 Lumens
LAMP – 1 Maxbright LED (dimmable)
BURN TIME – 130 hours
BATTERIES – 3 AAA Alkaline
WEIGHT – 3.5oz / 99g
WARRANTY – 5 Years