Now a days every instructor has a “vehicle tactics” course. It’s become very popular as more and more civilians, LE and military want or need this type of training.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and impracticalities of the current training on the market.

The basis of my training comes from Army special operations, my time spent with British SAS and my practical experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. During my time, I often would drive around in small vehicles in stripped down gear and very low profile. On special operations missions I often was not in Humvee’s or large assault vehicles. Many of the gunfights that I was in were from small vehicles.


I’ll preface this section with, this is what I have seen success with in combat. There are reasons for the very basic things I am about to tell you.


The 'SO WHAT' On Vehicle Tactics

If someone starts shooting me or the vehicle and we crash, I just increased my chances of surviving by 100%. By not wearing your seatbelt you are not controlling the situation. You and your team members should be wearing their seatbelt. Getting injured before the gunfight even starts is a good way to take yourself out of the equation.


The 'SO WHAT' On Vehicle Tactics

I always wedge my rifle between the seat and center council into the floor board. That way, if we do get into an accident it stays put. If I put it on the door side, it will either fall out of the car when I open the door, or it will dislodge during impact. Keep it in a spot where you know it will stay put and you can pull it when you need it.

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