Streamlight is one of two companies I trust with my weapon lights. The TLR 1 is my home defense companion on my handgun, and now the Streamlight TLR 6 is riding tight on my SIG P365. The P365 has become my EDC gun and the addition of a light and laser truly makes it a gun you can carry and use 365 days of the year. The P365 has a proprietary rail, but the TLR 6 does not use the rail, it’s an after thought.

To attach the light around the gun you have to take it apart with the included Allen key. It splits in half and then wraps around the rail, and the trigger guard. You then tighten the light down and get it rocking and rolling. It sounds complicated, but it takes about 3 minutes if you drink a soda. It’s very easy overall.

Rocking and Rolling with the Streamlight TLR 6

The TLR 6 has a small, easy access button on the side of the unit. A simple press by the trigger finger gets everything running. This is an ambidextrous system and it allows control the system very easily. The button is large and easy to press. It’s silent, but it is tactile and allows you to feel the click.

The light has several different modes believe it or not, more than I predicted for such a small unit. The Streamlight TLR 6 has 3 total modes, not including the off mode. The first is light and laser where the light and laser are simultaneously turned on. The next mode is light only, and the third mode is laser only.

The Streamlight TLR-6: Increase lethality of compact and sub-compact handguns

To change the modes all you need to do is hold one button inward and then press the other. This allows you to click through the different modes quickly and easily. Whichever mode you choose will be the set mode. If you turn the TLR 6 off it will remember the mode you set.

The Light

The Light packs a pleasant 100 lumens and it’s plenty bright and capable for concealed carry use. The 100 lumen light casts a wide beam that does fill your vision. It’s more spotlight than torch. The light can easily travel across a large room, and Streamlight claims an 89 meter range. That seems optimistic, but for what it’s designed for it shines brightly and clearly.

The Streamlight TLR-6: Increase lethality of compact and sub-compact handguns

The Laser

The laser is a bright red beam. It’s crystal clear and even in the middle of the day the light cna be seen out to 15 yards. In low light situations the light will be super fast and very easy to see. Adjusting and getting the laser on target requires some minor adjustments with a super small Allen key, and its incredibly easy overall.

The System

The system overall is fantastic. The light and laser work together beautifully, especially when you consider how small the overall system is. There also lots of holsters out there already for the combination of the TLR 6 and P365, specifically from Crossbreed in both OWB and IWB configurations. The TLR 6 is so well known that there are plenty of holster makers chasing it down.

The Streamlight TLR-6: Increase lethality of compact and sub-compact handguns

The TLR 6 comes in different configurations for different guns, so its not universally compatible. There is a universal kit that will fit several different guns, but guns like the P365 requires their own special model. The TLR 6 is compatible with the G42, G43, G48, G43X, The KAHR Arms guns, the SIG P238, the Bbay Glocks, and some of the Springfield XD series. As a note they will not work with the Poly 80 lower Glocks.

The TLR 6 is an awesome light and laser combination and is an outstanding concealed carry choice. It gives you a light and laser in a superbly small system that does not compromise your ability to easily conceal and comfortably carry your gun.

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