Incorporating technology into training can be an invaluable means to increase your overall proficiency.  Modern Warrior has a new target known as the T2 Command Target. We previously reviewed the T1 target from Modern Warrior and their introduction of the T2 is another step forward. The T2 Command Target combines both the efficiency of a Command Target with the use of modern technology. First off, what is a Command Target?

If you’ve never used a Command Target is a target with a multitude of smaller targets incorporated onto it. The targets are often a multitude of shapes and sizes and an instructor will issue a command. For example, is the target is made of different shapes the Instructor will issue a command like so, “2 shots on the blue triangle.” The T2 Command Target is both a command target and an instructor all in one. At the bottom of the T2 Command Target is a QR code that you can scan with your phone. When scanned it will bring you to the Modern Warrior website with a variety of track listings that are designed to be used with the T2 Command Target.

The T2 Command Target from Modern Warrior

You can stream or download the tracks and use them on the range. I pair my phone to my Peltor Tactical 500s and this is perfect for hearing the commands. The tracks vary in intensity and in complexity. Some are simple and fast, others slow and complicated.

Explaining the T2 Command Target

The T2 Command Target has a lot going on and should be explained. The target is divided into two sides, right and left, one side is shaded and the other is not. The right-hand side has 6-inch shapes and the left-hand side has 5-inch shapes. There are ten different targets on the target, with 5 different shapes, and 5 different colors, as well as 10 different numbers and ten different letters. The letters are divided into 5 vowels and 5 consonants. This creates the ability to make over a dozen different commands for each target. The left side targets are staggered as well.

The T2 Command Target from Modern Warrior

The T2 Command Target itself is quite large. It’s 23 inches wide and 35 inches tall. It’s a big target, and its printed on thick and strong paper. Perfect for outdoor training and it seems to resist wind and tearing well. There is a 1.5-inch border around the target that makes it easy to attach the target to stakes and backgrounds with interrupting the flow of the target.

Training with the T2 Command Target

The T2 Command Target is honestly very challenging and fun to train with. The multitude of different tracks keeps things interesting and unpredictable. There are currently 6 different conditions that incorporate different speeds, a different variety of commands, and even one or two targets. It’s a massive mixture to work through. The training is well suited for both rifle and pistol training, and even long-range shooting would be interesting.

The T2 Command Target from Modern Warrior

My at home range is short so I’ve kept it to pistol so far. That being said my 80 lower AR pistol is just screaming to take a ride with these targets. I’ve found shooting the targets and listening to the commands to be a very dynamic and fun way to train. Being creative will take you even further with your training. I incorporated drawing for every command or shooting targets on the left side with my right hand only and vice versa. You can be as creative as you want to be to expand your training.

The T2 Command Target from Modern Warrior

The targets are large and easy to hit with speed typically, but even I missed when trying to run the fast intervals with a draw and fire challenge. The T2 Command Targets are still quite challenging when it comes to sharpening your precision skills. I like a good challenge. These targets have taught me I need to up my pistol game a bit and I plan to.

The T2 Command Target from Modern Warrior

The T2 Command Targets are fantastic. They are easy to use in solo training and diverse enough that shooters can get a metric shit ton of training out of them. I loved the T1 targets, and the T2 targets are a worthy follow up. Get yours here.

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