A kit bag is what all my gear goes into. I have a contractor bag by LBT that I put all my normal clothes into, but in my kit bag goes my expensive gear and often times its overloaded with gear that is a pain in the ass to carry. The second that I found out that T3 came out with a kit bag that had shoulder straps I was all about it and that’s honestly why I’m writing this article. This article is for the guys that actually do the jobs that you see in movies and tv shows although I’ll never be as cool as Hollywood portrays us.

Being a contractor requires constant travel outside the U.S. but luckily for me, I oftentimes don’t have to maintain a low visibility look, so I can have Multicam bags for my gear. I recently reviewed the T3 3-day Hydration pack and I knew after utilizing that pack in so many maritime operations that I would be able to trust another T3 bag with all my expensive gear. If I’m going for a week-long trip I really only need to take this Kit bag and my T3 3day pack. I can fit my helmet, plate carrier, 2 pairs of pants, a pair of shorts, my hydration bladder, all my normal clothes, NVG’s, a couple logs of the ever so delicious Copenhagen wintergreen, My mac book, and any other extra gear I may need such as fins, extra pair of boots or even a couple pairs of Altama Maritime Assault boots. This bag has “so much room for activities” that I can be gone for a week and only take the kit bag and a backpack and I’m usually a heavy packer.

The T3 Gen 2 Kit bag really nailed all soft spots of normal kit bags. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had kit bags develop moisture on planes or ships. The T3 3-day Pack is made of the same material that the Gen2 Kit bag is made of and that’s what really drew me to it. I’ve never had moisture get inside my 3-day pack and it has been soaked top to bottom in saltwater. T3 really makes all-weather gear for affordable prices.

The T3 Gen 2 Kit Bag: A weatherproof kit bag for any operation

The T3 Gen 2 Kit bag is basically a revamped version of their old kit bag. I cannot comment on their old kit bag as I never used their’s, but if its half as good as the Gen 2 bag, I think I might buy one. The T3 Gen 2 Kit bag really molds to your gear when using the shoulder straps and that’s usually a downside, but in this case, it’s very comfortable. It is soft lined so when we’re talking about using these types of bags don’t be the guy that put $10000 NVG’s in your pack wrapped up in a towel or anything. Put them in the hard case, I mean it is a kit bag after all, not a pelican case. The shoulder straps are very comfortable when you throw them on your shoulder although they do require some adjusting out of the gate. Going from point A to Point B in-between our RHIB Launching platforms or the planes we fly in is my main priority and that’s where I really gained respect for this kit bag compared to others. Another great aspect is the Dual side closure so if you need to grab something on the top quickly you can or if you need to really get in the kit bag you can open the other side and you’re golden for packing.

The T3 Gen 2 Kit Bag: A weatherproof kit bag for any operation

The T3 Gen2 Kit bag repels moisture by using weather resistant 10 point zippers along with 500 weight solution dyed Cordura®, fabric that is very durable and it even softens with time and wear maintaining its durability. Along with all of the specs comes the lifetime warranty of a product that is built to be abused. It even says it on their website. My favorite part about T3 is the fact that all of their products are made right here in the red white and blue capital of the world – the USA. The dimensions for the T3 Gen 2 Kit bag are 19″x22″x12″ and it only weighs a little under 3 lbs. The T3 Kit bag collapses for easy storage and that’s probably my favorite part of it. It doesn’t take up much room in my locker at work or even at home in my closet.

Next time you decide to take a look at T3’s website, do yourself a favor and find the Gen2 kit bag and hit the add to cart button, I will promise you won’t be disappointed. I mean I’ve been disappointed for less than $153 before, but that’s not the point, right?