I have carried a pen every day (EDC) for many years. It was a small Space Pen for a good long time but the clip slides off and I lost at least 2 of them. Then just a simple hard plastic Bic pen that I put a strip of ACU duct tape around (just for looks). This was adequate for a quick self-defense roll without ever removing the cap. Next was a stainless steel Zebra pen that was only half the size of a normal pen till you put the cap on the opposite end and you then had a full-size pen to write with. (Very convenient!) This served me well for quite a while and I’m sure would continue to do so till I received a gift. Enter the Crate Club Tactical Pen.

I read tactical and hunting gear reviews quite a bit. My job and last couple jobs for that matter have afforded me quite a generous amount of “free time” (More than 85% of my shift). God, I hope my boss doesn’t read this! I’m an Amazon Prime and eBay junkie as well so with the introduction of the “tactical pen” or should I say the popularity of it in recent years I looked them over extensively and even added one or another to my “Wish List” on Amazon a few times only to delete them because they weren’t Exactly what I wanted. I am a picky SOB and I want things a certain way. I have had a saying for years; ” It’s not mine till it is customized.” That being said, upon receipt of a Crate Club package from Scott Witner of The Loadout Room, I found exactly what I wanted.

Why the Crate Club Tactical Pen?

What I wanted in a “tactical pen” was a greyish or at least subdued color with a quality pocket clip. The striking point needed to be already exposed and ready to ‘do work’. The top of the pen needed to have a flat top on the cap to get a good grip (thumb purchase for stabbing). Lastly, the cap needed to be screwed on! That last part was a stickler for me. I like my gear to be quality and secure. All of these traits can be found in the Crate Club Tactical Pen and if you are considering one, I highly recommend it!

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Author – Donny Bassett