For those who are a part or were part of SOCOM, and maybe a busy contractor, being deployed constantly is part of the job. What makes some deployments easier to cope with is where you are going. I don’t mean the theatre of  operation but the place itself…the F.O.B.

Going to an good F.O.B. is always on the top of the list of wishes, there are some good ones and some bad ones. Mostly are all good, but what makes it good are the guys who live there,most of the time.  When I deployed I took that time to get into the best shape I can get into, studied, read numerous books, and enhanced my job skills.  Where else can you do that AND get paid? If you come to think of it, the F.O.B. is like a resort for grownups!

Sean Palmisano, from Vigilance and former U.S. Navy SEAL, decided what the SOCOM community needed was a F.O.B here, in the U.S, specifically in Southern Florida.  I spoke with him recently about this project, “Our guys need someplace where they feel comfortable, some place where he can get help without feeling low about it”. “I want to build a facility that caters to our SOCOM vets, a place where you can come and go as you please. Get a work out in, go to the range to sight in your rifle or just to practice. Above all, some place where you can download before going home or just to blow off some steam.”

VSOC F.O.B | Home Away From Home for SOCOM VETS
Sean Palmisano archives, Courtesy of Sean Palmisano

So, he came up with VSOC, Veterans of Special Operations Command. A place where you can do just that. It is in its infant stages, there is land and buildings but it is going to take some work to get it just right. Rooms will be just like overseas, the 1970 foam mattress and wood bed frames, 24hr gym, open range, etc. There will be a TEAM ROOM where you can hang out, play pool, Call of Duty, watch T.V.  Most importantly, where you can ask for help.  There will be job postings, help with accessing your veteran benefits, how to use your G.B. Bill and everything else. You can network, get a good contact to send in that resume, or get help on how to write a good one.

Who is able to access this place? Anybody who is a veteran of SOCOM. The site will be governed by the Big Boy Rules, break them and be banished. So, no bringing family and non-SOCOM friends for a visit.  Treat it as you would have done overseas.

This project is new and any help you can give will be helpful, if you would like to attend or participate in a “Dog and Pony Show” during the Veterans Day Weekend contact VSOC via Facebook.

VSOC F.O.B | Home Away From Home for SOCOM VETS
VSOC, Everglades Florida. Courtesy of VSOC