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Thermal in your Pocket: Leupold’s LTO 
Richard Kilgore

One of the coolest gadgets we got to play with at SHOT was a new thermal imager from Leupold called the LTO-Tracker. This piece was designed for hunters to have more success in the field by better understanding their surroundings and making game easier to recover, as well as spotting game at night or in other conditions that hamper visibility.

Don’t think this is just for Fudds, though. Thermal imagers have other uses; if you hear a noise outside at night and don’t want to give away your position, you can use a thermal imager to see whether it’s a racoon hitting your trash can or a burglar checking to see if you locked your door. Likewise, there is a world of use in these for search and rescue purposes, or even seeing if those dual pane windows are letting too much heat out in the winter time.

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Photo courtesy of Breach Bang Clear