The Thermarest Saros is one of Thermarest’s newer model sleeping bags. Built to sustain someone down to temperatures of 20 degrees, it is a good all season bag, with the quality Thermarest has always been known for. It has some awesome features, and all of that combined with Thermarest’s state of the art eraLoft synthetic insulation, make this a great lightweight sleeping bag. It retails through Thermarest for $170, but you may be able to find it even cheaper at some of their licensed retailers. Interested to learn more about the Thermarest Saros? I did a video highlighting some of its features and how well it served me when I had to spend a few nights out at the range last week.

Author – Tim M. is an Army Ranger who has served in Afghanistan and is currently a K9 handler for ARSOF. In his free time, he enjoys shooting, working out and hitting the trails with the dog.

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