The first time that I saw thermite in action was while I was deployed to Iraq. After securing an objective we came across a large stash of AK-47s. The process of manually disabling each one would have been time consuming, and we weren’t going to pack them out. As an alternative we laid them down horizontally (while stacking them up), leaving a space in the middle (a rough triangle). Once we had them all stacked up, one of the team leaders dropped a thermite grenade in the middle. We all stared at the awesome sight of these weapons melting into a random spherical shape.

Having seen this in person I was pretty excited when one of my friends forwarded me a YouTube video named, “The Thermite Launcher.” Somewhere in the UK a guy named Colin Furze is making ridiculously crazy, badass inventions. Not only does he show his Thermite Launcher in action he has two other related videos: Making a Thermite Launcher Part-1 Thermite Shells, and Making a Thermite Launcher Part-2 Making the Launcher. Please enjoy the video below (disclaimer: you could end up spending hours watching videos on his channel).

His YouTube channel is called “colinfurze.” He has gained 2.4 million subscribers, and over 230 million views with his inventions. Some of the highlights include: firework rocket launcher, motorized drift trike, DIY Wolverine claws, Magneto shoes (magnet), and Pyro (concealed flame thrower). All the inventions appear to be excellent quality, and work as advertised. If it hasn’t happened already, I am sure a government somewhere is going to give him a large budget to start making things exclusively for them.

Here is one more. Enjoy.

(Featured Image Courtesy of YouTube Channel colinfurze)