#1. When in Scared Company
Snapping open a 3.5″ tactical folder to open mail at your desk may not go over well with coworkers, not to mention the HR department. In some circles, you might as well have drawn a sword – which is why a second knife can have real purpose. A small utility folder or slipjoint won’t intimidate the non-knife people around you. And when the people close to you feel comfortable around knives, they’ll be more open to carrying a blade themselves.

#2. “Anybody Got A Knife?”
Everyone needs to use a knife sooner or later, even those who don’t carry one. And once your friends and coworkers know you carry a blade they’re bound to ask to borrow it. Your favorite knife might not mean the same to them as it does to you – you’d never use a Sebenza as a screwdriver but when it’s out of your hands who knows what could happen? Make your back-up knife a beater to lend out and save the more expensive blades for yourself.

#3. The Right Blade for the Job
Choose the knife that is going to give you added versatility and excels at the tasks your main knife doesn’t. No knife does everything well. A thick blade grind is stronger but can’t slice as well as a thinner blade. Long knives offer a lot of edge real estate but lack the precision afforded by a smaller blade. EDC a plain edge? Consider a serrated blade to back you up. No glass breaker in your pocket? You know what to do.

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