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I often get the question about how to train the body to prepare for battle. You’re talking to Old Sarge now, I don’t do a ton of training anymore but I can tell you what I did during my time in the military. As a tier one operator being physically fit was extremely important. One thing I have found is that excercise changes it’s name over time but the actual movements and activity are usually the same.

I practiced a lot of different skills in my time and literally trained the body everyday. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, CrossFit before it was called that, running, grappling and weightlifting.

That is a picture of me in a jiu jitsu match against a very large gentleman. The fact is if you want to maintain a high level of fitness you’ll need to be doing SOMETHING everyday. If you want to be at the highest level you have to be doing multiple things everyday.

Here was a typical day for me in my prime:

5:45: Wake Up
6:30 – 07:30 Cardio, normally I did Heart rate training
0730 – 0800 – Eat (eat a lot)
0800 – 1030: Firearm Training
1030 – 1130: Weightlifting

1130 – 1230 Jui jitzu MMA

1230 – 1300: Eat More
1300 – 1600: More firearm training
1600 – 1700: HIIT Training i.e. CrossFit, Olympic lift heavy
1800 – 1900: Eat Again
1900 – 2100: Read, Study, Be productive

There is really not much to it. Of course your going to have your interesting training days mixed in there. You just have to be motivated to do all you need to do.

Hope this answers the question:

“What did you do to stay fit in while you were serving in the __________?”

Article courtesy of GunfighterU and written by John McPhee

Photo courtesy of GunfighterU