After almost a year and more than 5 thousand rounds through my RMR’d work/ccw gun, I am not looking back. At all.

A couple of remarks…

-You don’t “find the dot” …the dot finds you. What I mean by this is also the greatest attribute of a red dot on a pistol for defensive purposes (IMO) – you focus on the target, present your pistol and the dot is magically superimposed over the target. Then all you have to do is press the trigger. Just like a dot site on a rifle, there is no shift in your focus to “find the dot” but rather a weapons presentation with simultaneous aiming. Like I said, it is great for defensive purposes where you WILL be focusing on the target, not on your sights.

-No issues with ccw, and not even with tucked iwb ccw. The added size of the RMR on the slide has had no effect on printing, etc.

Highly recommend you shoot one to try it out and give it a fair chance.

Author – Joseph M. LaSorsa, CPP® currently employed as a senior partner managing and conducting: Protective Operations Training Courses, Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services, Risk Management Consultations & Seminars, Workplace Violence Prevention Seminars & Intervention Services, Security Consultations & Seminars, Private Investigations and Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures with LaSorsa & Associates – an International Protection, Investigations & Consulting Firm.