TTAG’s blogged the development of so-called “smart guns” for years. With President Obama’s executive order paving the way for government agencies to deploy guns requiring electronic owner identification of one sort or another, the issue is back in the news. As a free market guy, I see no reason why “smart guns” shouldn’t be available for sale. As a gun guy, I see lots of reason why you should never buy one. Here are my top three . . .

1. “Smart guns” will never be foolproof – and you’re the fool

I don’t care how much you’ve trained for a defensive gun use. When the excrement hits the rotating air circulation device, you’re an awkward fool. For one thing, a massive adrenaline dump moves blood away from your extremities (a hard-wired reaction to protect you from bleeding). As the Rabbi puts it, fingers turn to flippers. Fine motor skills go bye-bye.

For another, your cognitive abilities (i.e. higher brain functions) go walkies. The idea of adding an extra step to the process of armed self-defense is inherently, not to say profoundly dangerous. (The main reason you should never carry an unloaded gun.) A “smart gun” that requires any additional manipulation — including precise hand placement — is potentially catastrophic.

“Smart gun” developers know this. That’s why they’re trying to develop supposedly foolproof firearms.

At least one potential manufacturer has developed a weapon requiring an access code for initial activation. Others have opted for systems dependent on a functioning watch (as above) or ring. The danger of a mechanical or behavioral malfunction in those systems is pretty obvious.

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