Since the dawn of time the ability to make a fire has been essential to the survival of mankind. We humans like to think that in 2018 a lighter isn’t very useful especially with the decline in smoking in general. Think I’m wrong ? ask around if anyone has a lighter and you will see how that works out.

What would happen if you absolutely needed to start a fire would you have a lighter that would get the job done ? If you hesitated on that at all then you defiantly need to look into our latest survival product we’ve been fortunate enough to get. The Thyrm PyroVault Lighter might just be the last lighter you purchase and the first piece of gear you reach for when you need to make sure something gets lit the first time.

We know that a lighter isn’t the usual piece of gear to get many people excited about, we tend to overlook them most of the time or try to use matches instead. The problem with matches and many lighters is that they quickly become useless in the rain or if they happen to get wet some other way. The design team at Thyrm designed the PyroVault to withstand almost anything water related that mother nature could throw at it and still leave your lighter dry and able to be used for your ignition needs.


Name: PyroVault

Manufacturer: Thyrm

Country of Manufacture: United States


  • Length: 7″
  • Width: 5″
  • Thickness: 0.86″

Colors Available:

  • Black
  • Urban Grey
  • Olive Drab
  • Rescue (Orange)
  • Flat Dark Earth

MSRP: $29.99-$43.99


  • Supports most Zippo pattern inserts
  • One handed spring loaded push button operation
  • MOLLE/PALS Clip on backside of case
PyroVault uses thick O Rings to keep water out Image:Rick Dembroski

First Impressions 

My first impressions of the Thyrm PyroVault is that its small, lightweight and provides a waterproof housing for your Zippo without adding extra bulk or useless features. When the package arrived I was pleased to see that Thyrm sent me one of their metal zippo cases complete with insert, which was going to come in handy soon enough. Once I got the PyroVault in my hands and began to grasp it and roll it around in my hands several of the main design features became apparent. As a person that has carried a Zippo with me for years I can say that as soon as your fingers get wet or cold trying trying to grasp or pop open the average slick sided Zippo can become troublesome. The folks at Thyrm must know that as well.

The hard polymer sides of the Thyrm PyroVault feature a nice pattern of raised ridges that ensures the user will have a firm grip in any condition, even if they are wearing gloves. The pattern continues from the body of the lighter all the way to the top of the backside of the lid. This is the only section of the lighter that features a textured surface, the opposite side of the lighter contains the lighters other key feature, a spring loaded push button release lever.

The PyroVault from THRYM:  Armor for Your Zippo

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Textured gripping surface
Image:Rick Dembroski

Operating the PyroVault is about as simple as it can get, all you need to do is us a finger or any object to push down the lever and the spring loaded lid snaps to the fully open position. Twist the striker wheel on the lighter and if you have fuel, you have ignition. I tried the operating the mechanism hundreds of times over the last several days and each time without fail it pops wide open. I tried using my fingers, sticks, pencils, pens, the rib of a knife, and just about everything I could think of. Every single time it pops open without failure. Simple and effective it just works.

We tried fitting this case with all of the different patterns of Zippo lighters I could get my hands on. This ranged from the one that came with the supplied lighter to my brand new Zippo pipe style insert I just received and even a few of my older more beat up inserts that are nearly 20 years old. We had zero issues with any of them not properly fitting. The one insert we haven’t tested but have ordered is the Zippo Z Plus insert that runs on butane. These are becoming more popular due to their clean hot burning flame that doesn’t have the aroma of lighter fluid and utilize a push button operation.

In the world today it seems like everything has a gimmick, a tactical application or some space age material, the Thyrm PyroVault doesn’t have a gimmick or space age materials. What the company did is make a way to use a simple and effective implement like the Zippo lighter and protect it from shock, wind, rain, and the elements. They did this by listening, watching and using a combination of polymers and a little common sense. In doing that they provide us, the hunter, camper, military member or regular civilian with the ability to have a light when we need it most.

Thyrm PyroVault shown with pipe lighter insert
Photo:Rick Dembroski

In closing I will say that here in Alaska where I live the weather can turn from amazing to awful in a matter of minutes, my need for things being weather resistant, including the small things like my lighter is pretty high. We intend to put the Thyrm PyroVault through its paces in the next few weeks and months on hikes and trips. We think it will be a winner in the long run but we here at the site are serious about testing our gear in the real places we live and play. What do you think ? How do you insure that your ignition sources don’t get ruined by the elements ? Is the PyroVault something you would consider adding to your hunting, camping, or preparedness gear ? Comment in the section below.

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