In late April of this year, one of our Glock 19s was damaged during a training exercise. The pistol was set up for a failure to extract (sometimes called a “double feed”). Two live rounds were used for this drill. I have done this drill well over 200 times over the last six years, and have witnessed the drill being done over 2000 times.

When the instructor setting up the drill released the slide, the first round detonated, causing damage to internal parts of the slide as well as the frame and its components.

No one was injured due to the combination of safety procedures in place. After being relieved that everyone was OK, I saw this as an opportunity to fix some of the things I disliked about the Glock frame.

I missed the grip angle of the 1911s I used to carry. Some people I trust added beavertails to their Glocks. Some did a grip reduction, and quite a few modified the texture of the frame via stippling.

I purchased a fully built Timberwolf frame, and have run a few thousand rounds through it.

Timberwolf Aftermarket Glock 19 Frame After 2000 Rounds

In short, I am not satisfied with it, and I do not think my concerns can be easily addressed, and/or would be better addressed by modifying a factory Glock frame.

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