The Vertx EDC Essential bag is a departure from what I have typically used for my go-bag. I often found myself leaving my full-size backpack in my vehicle instead of carrying it with me to places that I’d truthfully be more comfortable having more than just my first-line EDC.

While it was an adjustment to carry from the standpoint of comfort compared to a traditional backpack, this messenger-bag style grew on me quickly and I found myself carrying it everywhere I went. For being a minimalist bag, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I could fit in each compartment. By going with the Vertx EDC essential bag, I can keep my full-size backpack in my vehicle while carrying additional gear that I would have previously left behind.

For the $109.95 price tag, it had better be well-made, right? Well, nothing to worry about there. The bag itself is incredibly well-made and functional for quick access to gear. The design also ensures that the exterior of the bag is virtually free of anything that might snag or wear out.  This bag is built to last. It weighs 2.6 pounds when empty and dimensions are 12″ H x 12″ W x 6″ D.

The rapid access VELCRO-lined concealed carry platform worked great when I tested with a variety of semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. It keeps the firearm secure while also providing easy access when needed. With or without a holster attached (Tactigami™ and MOLLE compatible), that compartment ensures a great fit without risk of any snagging when drawing the firearm. I will add that you should be sure to practice dry and live fire while drawing from the bag to ensure proficiency – particularly with accessing the proper compartment. It would be a shame to reach for your gun when you need it only to pull out a power bar from the main compartment.

Side pockets are designed to secure water bottles and other small gear, making it very easy to access without unzipping compartments.  The bag also offers a concealed zipped sub-compartment that is designed with a ballistic insert in mind.

Without going into the specifics of my EDC in this article, this bag allowed me to cram a ton of gear into the combined compartment capacity of 12 liters including food, water purifying essentials, knife and weapon cleaning tools, fire starting materials, my Treeman Knives Recon Hunter, rope, water-resistant materials, and many others.  Sure, a backpack offers this with room to spare, but to have such a compact, low-profile bag makes carrying this something I can truly take anywhere instead of it being a hassle to lug around and forcing me to choose whether to ditch it in my vehicle.

Check out this video from Vertx for a closer look at this bag.

RSR Group is a nationwide distributor of firearms and shooting sports accessories
Vertx, EDC Essential Bag, Black, 12″ x 12″ x 6″
This product is manufactured in Viet Nam

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