Titaner manufactures some really high-quality titanium camping gear. Titanium is an ideal material for outdoorsmen looking to shave valuable weight from their kit, as it’s lighter than steel, but substantially stronger. Here’s a quick look at one of their camping pots, a coffee cup, and the titanium cutlery they offer.


Material: Solid titanium. Why choose titanium over other materials such as stainless steel or aluminum?

  • Titanium is one of the only materials that is completely non-toxic to the human body.
  • Titanium has an ability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It can be used in environments over 600 degrees and is just as durable when temperatures take a dive.
  • Titanium is rust proof. The hard oxide layer makes it rust proof even in saltwater environments.

Color: Natural titanium


Machined camping pot – The Titaner camping pots come with lids that double as a small pan. Both the pot and pan have rubber-coated titanium handles.

Camping pot
Camping pot
Camping Pan / Pot Cover
Camping pan/pot cover

Size: 1350ml

Weight: 185 g

MSRP: $119.00


Machined camping cup – Like the camping pot, this cup is lightweight and durable, and also features rubber-coated titanium handles. This cup can also double as a smaller cook pot. It comes with a titanium lid, which has a nice friction fit. This cup will keep that morning cup of coffee in the field nice and warm for a longer period of time due to the titanium material used.

Camping Cup w/ Lid
Camping cup with lid

Size: 600ml

Weight: 90g

MSRP: $59.50


Base Camp Cutlery Set – This set contains a fork, knife, and spoon. They all feature long handles to keep your fingers away from hot surfaces, and can be easily hooked together with a carabiner via the holes in the handle area (below).

Camping Cutlery Set
Camping cutlery set

Weight: Fork – 11.9 g, knife – 15.1 g, spoon – 7.2 g

MSRP: $29.50

The kit nested together. A MSR Pocket Rocket fits inside as well
The kit nested together. A MSR Pocket Rocket fits inside as well.

Bottom line

This cook set is an ideal option for those looking to cut the weight of their kit, yet still have something durable that will last in harsh environments. The camping pots and the camping cup come with a mesh cinch sack for easy transport and storage. The cup nests easily into the pot, making this a complete field mess kit. Stay tuned for a field review of each piece of this kit.