Helmet setup and design has progressed at a breakneck pace over the last forty years. Helmets have gone from slick, to holding small accoutrements, to holding night vision and much more. Current helmets worn by men and women in Western armed forces have a multitude of devices and objects affixed to them. The advent of night vision technology more than anything has proven to be both a boon and a detriment to the man carrying it.

With night vision technology mounted to the front of the helmet the typical man on the ground was faced with a weight pulling his helmet forward and the night vision device out of alignment with his eye. The solution was a counterweight. Multiple products currently saturate the market but few come to the level of innovation that the TNVC Mohawk does. TNVC (Tactical Night Vision Company) is composed of individuals who spend most of their time shooting at night. Night is their domain and setting up night vision equipped helmets is their business. The TNVC Mohawk is a full spectrum storage and counterweight system.

A combination of Velcro and tie downs keep the Mohawk stable on your helmet and ensures it won’t come lose. The vertically oriented Mohawk strip allows for the attachment of a multitude of IR / Thermal signaling devices (including the ancient MS2000 pictured). Elastic bungee keeps the device secured in addition to Velcro. The Mohawk also features a storage compartment for four included lead counterweights that equals one pound. The storage pouch includes elastic loops to store up to 6 extra batteries as well as two ready access loops outside the storage compartment for quick access. The Mohawk also allows you to manage the cables from your peltors / liberators or other helmet mounted devices.

TNVC Mohawk Mk1 Counterweight
Modern day technology with the bane of everyone’s existence, the PVS-7D

The TNVC Mohawk is a feature rich counter weight systems that runs for 70 bucks. I think as of this writing it is one of the best counterweight systems out there. In my experience it has performed very well.