Boots, jackets, pants, shirts, guns, and sights, you name it and the tactical world sells it all. Or do they? When it comes to ‘tactical’ footwear there are a lot of boots to select from but in the realm of dress shoes the choices are very limited. In the 2004 movie Collateral the actor Tom Cruise does an excellent job mowing people down all while dressed in a slick looking grey-tonic suit. We never get to see his footwear. How do you determine what is a good shoe for your foot and for your purpose?

Although the pickings seem to be slim the market is catching up with the demand for a functional, stylish shoe that doesn’t sacrifice comfort over utility. Standing for hours in a suit and tie, running along a motorcade, or simply wearing clothing that is something other than a military uniform demands that you are ready to fight, scuffle, and run at the drop of a hat; all while wearing something cool.

You do not want your aggressor to have the advantage, whether you are the groomsman at a drunken wedding, or wrestling security while being the drunken groomsman at a wedding, or while on duty as a protective agent guarding your client. Think about the kinds of ground your feet may encounter while in the line of duty.

  1. Wet, snowy conditions.
  2. Drink covered dance floor or hotel lobby with marble tile.
  3. Muddy conditions while changing a flat tire.
  4. Scree, and any kind of loose soil.
  5. Oil stained parking lot.

Whatever the conditions are you should always look for ‘dress’ shoes with good traction ability. In fact, to do your job well, you will need a good pair of shoes with a lot more features than just traction. So how do you determine what are the best shoes for your feet?

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