The Lil’ Nilakka is based on Spyderco’s now discontinued Nilakka folder. Both the original and the Lil’ Nilakka are Pekka Tuominen’s interpretation of a traditional Puukko knife. They also share the same ambitious blade geometry. The blades are full-flat ground straight from the spine to the edge without a secondary edge bevel. Also known as ‘zero-ground,’ this keen and delicate grind offers unsurpassed cutting performance. It particularly suits the gentlemanly Lil’ Nilakka, built with polished white G10 scales and a modestly sized 2.3-inch RWL 34 stainless steel blade.

It should come as no surprise that the Spyderco Lil’ Nilakka would be one of the best selling knives of 2017. It is the first of Spyderco’s new “flash batch” knives, which are unique designs produced for a limited time only. Collectors didn’t hesitate to pick one up because they knew once the Lil’ Nilakka was sold out, it might never be restocked.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News