Often straddling the line between collectible and user, each Chaparral model has roughly the same overall design: a 2.8 inch, sliver-thin leaf shaped blade made from high-performance CTS-XHP steel, a 50/50 finger choil, a deep carry wire clip, a crisply-machined backlock, and a slender profile. Spyderco uses this gentlemanly EDC folder as a blank canvas to test and contrast a variety of handle materials.

The Chaparral Raffir Noble gets its name from the Raffir Noble material used for its scales. It’s a striking composite of twisted brass and copper mesh frozen in polished smoke-colored translucent resin. The modern material combines metal and polymer and originates in Denmark. Photographs can’t capture its high gloss and lustrous depth as the folds of the metal mesh reflect light from different viewpoints.

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