Spyderco’s 2017 lineup saw a renewed attention to their value blades, with the appropriately named Polestar guiding the way. Designed by Sal Glesser, the Polestar represents a refinement of the features that made the previous Spyderco budget blades, like the Tenacious, so popular. There is no finger choil, just the accommodating, subtly curvaceous handles and the proven leaf-shaped blade.

The biggest improvement over the Tenacious budget line are materials that make the knife feel like it ought to be in a higher price bracket. Spyderco chose CTS BD1 and actually ships the material to China for a boost in edge-holding performance. Also debuting on the Polestar are semi-translucent G-10 gray handle scales, with a unique herringbone-esque pattern embedded in the material.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News