Condor is known for their array of useful, affordable cutting tools inspired by traditional knives and machetes from around the world. Their Primitive Bush Knife was designed by Matt Graham, a survivalist who is best known for co-hosting Seasons 4, 5, and 6 of the Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival.

According to Graham he “..once walked off into the wilderness on the Winter Solstice and returned on the Summer Solstice.” His Bush Knife is meant as a do-it-all companion blade for just such a solitary trip. Smaller than a machete but larger than a typical companion knife, the 8-inch survival knife can flex into both roles, hacking and chopping across remote terrain, performing delicate tasks, and – with its hollow handle rivets and dagger-like tip – even working as an improvised hunting spear when lashed to a pole.

Fueled by Graham’s fame, good reviews, and a price that hits a sweet spot in the marketplace, the Primitive Bush Knife continues to keep the cash register ringing. The base model features a 420HC blade and a hardwood handle and in 2016, Condor issued a blasted 1075 / Micarta version of the knife. Both variations include an accompanying leather sheath.

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