It wasn’t easy for a new Kershaw model to put a dent in the knife universe in the same year the brand introduced designs like the Dividend and Natrix and unveiled its first GTC and Al Mar collaborations. And yet, Kershaw’s new for 2017 Reverb is flying off the shelves. It’s an extraordinary knife that makes it difficult to name a more thoroughly thought out design in its price bracket.

Kershaw bills its Reverb as a backpacking/climbing knife and it’s easy to see why. This compact knife weighs roughly an ounce and a half. And sure, the barely-there blade will appeal to the ultralight backpackers who cut their toothbrushes in half to spare the weight, but the Reverb has a lot more going on.

Its stiff, spring-loaded carabiner clip forms part of the handle, and when combined with a narrow deep carry clip gives its owner several carry options. The Reverb can also be slipped into pouches or pockets that you’d never consider using to carry knives of equivalent length because its handle is incredibly slender (less than a 1/3rd of an inch thick).

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