Back in December, ESEE surprised everyone with the announcement of the CL1, a knife unlike anything in their line-up. When we reported the news, Co-Founder Mike Perrin told us the CL1 would be at home at large campsites or as a knife you’d keep in the truck for “those times when you need something heavy duty.”

Tipping the scales at a pound and a half and made of coated and tumble finished 1095, the hefty cleaver is the kind of tool built to shrug off abuse that would overwhelm a more delicate blade.

In a tip of the hat to their Idaho-based partner (Rowen Manufacturing), Georgia-based ESEE chose to substitute the circular hole, made to hang a cleaver on a butcher’s hook, with a cut-out in the shape of the State of Idaho.

The popular cleaver turned out to be an encouraging way for ESEE to kick-off its ‘Expat Knives’ series which consist of collaborations with ‘Expat’, an active member of the ESEE forums.

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