Benchmade deepened their more-affordable offerings this year with the Freek, a classic axis lock folder with modern materials. The Freek’s simple drop point blade and ergonomic handle have many comparing the knife to Benchmade’s popular Griptilian series. In some ways, they share much of the same DNA. Both knives are unpretentious, practical, sturdy, and (relatively) affordable.

Despite the similarities, the Freek is a unique design in its own right. The handles are over-molded with a rubber compound, giving it a grippy, tactile hold even with wet or greasy hands. The material is also available on the new for 2017 Benchmade Boost, for those who prefer an assisted opening knife.

The Freek’s pocket clip was thoughtfully given a smooth place to hold onto so as not to wear away your pants’ fabric. Its 3.6-inch blade is relatively broad – good for slicing while still retaining the strength of a saber grind. Finally, the Freek’s blade steel has been upgraded from 154CM, Benchmade’s standard entry-level steel, to CPM-S30V for better edge retention. It’s easy to see why the versatile Freek would be a popular new addition to Benchmade’s lineup.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News