In June, we took a survey to learn which pocket knives our readers believe should never be discontinued. Respondents were asked to name as many or as few pocket knife models as they wanted, and no brands or blades were off-limits. 404 respondents named a total of 268 models and the average respondent named 4.1 pocket knives. 18 out of 404 respondents said the Victorinox Cadet should never be discontinued.

Victorinox is the world’s largest seller of pocket knives and offers well over 50 models in North America. The Victorinox Cadet is among the most popular.

Victorinox began as a one man show in 1884. Company founder Karl Elsener was a passionate cutler and grew his business for ten years before his big break in 1890, when he landed a contract with the Swiss army to produce pocket knives. With a main blade, can opener, and an awl, it was the very first Swiss Army knife – some call it the ‘iPhone of its day’. In the 1920s Elsener renamed his company ‘Victorinox,’ a combination of his mother’s first name and ‘Inox,’ from the French word for stainless steel.

Few knives have the universal appeal of the Victorinox Cadet. Users like to carry it as a diminutive backup knife that won’t startle non-knife people. It also appeals to minimalists and outdoorsmen, who like the blade length-to-weight ratio and the nearly indestructible build. The sleek, handsome look makes it a great gent’s folder as well.

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